Why does Dogman Train YOU

to train your dog?

	Let's start with Obedience Training.

	Why do I train you to train your dog?  Because I can! :)
	Really!  Sure, I can take your dog and train it for you.
	Then I would train you to handle your dog.
	Now if that is what you want, then that's what I can do.  Pretty easy to do.

	But, if I train you to train your dog, the dog is learning not only the commands,
	but your dog will also be learning to obey YOU!  Which is what obedience is anyways.
	And you get the joy of training your dog.  It's a good feeling knowing that YOU are
	actually training your dog.

	Imagine you need repair work or maintenance on your car.  You could pay a car repair shop
	to do it for you.
	Or, you could go to a school and learn how to do some of the basic maintenance and repairs.
	It's very satisfying to be able to change your own oil and filter, replace your brakes,
	flush the brake fluid, coolant, change your plugs and air filter. Most of those things are not
	really that hard to do and most can learn to perform them quickly.

	Now of you needed more serious work like rebuilding a transmission or engine, diagnosing
	electrical problem, air conditioning work, well, those things usually need special(and expensive)
	tools.  These are not the things the average car owner can do.  Nor do they WANT too!
	It takes years to learn to do these special jobs correctly.

	Over my 30+ years of training dog, I have found that the "average" dog owner just wants their
	dog to do basic things.  Come when they call it, sit, stay, walk nice on a leash, stay off the
	furniture, don't jump on them or anyone else, and use the bathroom outside.
	So I train them to how to teach their dogs to perform those basic tasks.

	There are some people who have taken my Obedience Training Course and have enjoyed working
	with their dog so much that they wanted to learn to do more advances training.
	I trained them HOW to train their dog to be even better and advance exercises.

	If you've ever taken an obedience "class" with 10 or 15 other dogs/handlers then you know
	that they were HOPEFULLY showing you how to train your dog.  Hard to do with so many dogs!
	That is why I prefer the one on one training or limiting a class to 4 dogs/handlers.

	PLEASE know, and UNDERSTAND all the FACTS of what I mean when I state:
	Dogman Trains YOU to Train Your Dog!

	Dog training is NOT like going to a doctor!  What a silly way to compare the two!
	I am NOT a doctor, or a vet.  I leave that doctoring stuff to them.  
	Some people just do NOT understand about training dogs.  Must be all that thar skoolin! :)

Now to Protection Training. I started out my Protection training by going to people's houses with my "teacher" as he trained dogs. I saw first hand HOW to train a dog to protect the home and family. Then he taught me to do it. On the job training! I received "one on one" schooling by actually TRAINING! I learned the HOW and WHY of what to do for home protection. Personal Protection, Police, ASR, etc., is Specialty training. Though I have trained men to be agitator's and decoys, they can't take bites from their own dogs! Well, unless it's just fun and games. But for REAL LIFE training, they can't. That would be idiotic! The poor dog would be so confused and never really sure what or when it was suppose to do or how! A VERY DANGEROUS STATE FOR THE DOG TO BE IN!!! It would be IF they were training the dog to actually PROTECT! But I am still training YOU to train your dog even in protection or police work. You NEED to know how to correctly handle your dog. You can't handle the dog AND be the decoy at the same time. Just use COMMON sense! The handler, along WITH the dog, learn how to address situations they may come across where they may need to protect themselves and all their family members. PLEASE, know, and UNDERSTAND all the FACTS! There are a lot of "pretend trainers" out their that will try to fill your head with all kinds of ideas and silliness. It may sound good to you because you don't understand, you are HOPING you can trust them! They will copy an exercise, change it, supposedly making it "better" when in reality, they screw it up by bad decoying, making it dangerous and unrealistic. Why, because they are not REAL decoys/trainers! You have the blind leading the blind. It's really sad. :( I HATE BAD, POOR, CRAPPY DECOY WORK! That is how dogs and decoys get hurt! I've seen it happen. Jamming the dog, too much pressure too soon. Pushing a young dog to do more than it can mentally hand and in do doing create more problems down the road. These type of "pretend trainers" are very insecure and refuse to learn from someone who is a Professional and understands what and why to do things. They claim they are a "Master Trainer" because they went to a school. They claim titles because they went to seminars, even some seminars that I taught at! Suddenly, THEY ARE MASTERS!!!!!

If you are interested in having Dogman train YOU to train your dog, you can email me at: Dogman or phone me at: 772-388-DOGS(3647) ASR (American Street Ring) AAG (Americanstreetring Afiliated Group) PDTA (Professional Dog Trainers Association).

ASR-PPDTA (American Street Ring Professional Protection Dog Trainers Association) promotes quality, practical Protection Dog Training & certifying Professional Trainers through affiliation, thereby creating a higher standard of Protection Dog Training. ASR-PPDTA style of training is based on the original ASR, created by Ted & Dawn Hoppe. It promotes PRACTICAL Protection & Police Training Exercises combined with functional obedience.

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