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What is Dogman's Boarding with Obedience Training Course?
What will your dog be learning? Phone Me at: 772-388-DOGS(3647)

Your dog will be receiving structure, discipline, and purpose! Your dog will be receiving an EDUCATION, invest wisely! THIS IS NOT A BOOT CAMP! THIS IS NOT THE ARMY OR MARINES!! YOUR DOG WILL NOT BE ELECTROCUTED!

border="2" Dogman instructs your dog from a DOGS point of view, not a humans. That is why the dog learns quicker and easier and it sticks with the dog. This will also change your dogs "way of life" for the positive! I will come and pick up your dog for training, and return your dog when completed. Are you having "problems" with your dog? You can't seem to get your dog to listen to you or behave as you want? Is your dog walking you? Instead of walking with you? Does your dog think your house belongs to him, or her? Dogman can help you and your dog! ========== MY COURSE IS NOT A BOOT CAMP or a KINDERGARDEN or a CRASH COURSE just to make your dog look good so you "think" the dogs is trained. THIS IN NOT THE ARMY OR MARINES! Those ways are a HUMANS way of training. Mostly, that's what food trainers do. Quick, easy (for the trainer), but not lasting. And you "think" you got your moneys worth. I'm teaching your dog a way of life from a DOGS point of view. Your dog will be receiving 7 to 14 days of personal "one on one" instruction, depending on just what you and your dogs needs are. I will be instructing your dog, I don't let "trainees" practice on your dog! Then I will be educating YOU so you can continue your dogs education. I don't have kennels outside in the heat, next to other dogs where I "stick" dogs! Where certain male dogs "mark" the other kennels and your dogs walks and lays around in that mess all day. Then someone eventually comes around and just hoses the dogs "waste" out the back of the kennel in a pile. (nasty) I clean up after your dog immediately after your dog completes it business. It won't be "cooking" there for days for other dogs to step in.
I limit the number of dogs I board and train to just 2 dogs at a time. This way I can devote the maximum amount of time with your dog. And the education your dog receives becomes a "way of life" for your dog, not just a training exercise. Your dog will be learning what its role is during a regular days routine. Your dog will be in a home environment. Not a kennel or training field environment. A training field is okay, but your dog spends 90% or more of its life in a home environment. So that's the way I educate your dog, under normal everyday conditions. Your dog will be WITH me so I can instruct your dog in a REAL LIFE environment. Always ready to instruct your dog as we go about our day. In this way, I am able to set up day to day situations for your dog so that all the experiences become LEARNING EXPERIENCES! Your dog will have continuous instruction throughout the day during their stay with me. Not just taken out a few times during the day and "worked".
The crate is a training "tool" and will serve as a "quiet and safe place" for the dog when the dog is on a training break. ========== Proper training is knowing how to BALANCE and BLEND all the different training methods together, with both negative and positive technics. I have spent over 34 years of learning to do just that! I "learn" each dog I train and apply the appropriate training method for YOUR dog. Remember, you cannot have "Positive Only" training. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! HOW do you know it is positive, with out knowing negative? Have you ever seen a battery with only the positive terminal? You need BOTH for it to work. Is the negative bad? Of course not! They work together and balance each other. Negative work does NOT mean harming your dog! PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE THIS LIE! Just as a child needs supervision and training 24/7, so does your dog. This is how your dog (and a child) learns what the CORRECT behavior is. And we learn this way too. Positive things for positive actions, negative things for negative actions. We learn what to do and what not to do. NEGATIVE TRAINING DOES NOT MEAN HARMING THE DOG! Unfortunately, this is what most scientifically proven, positive only trainers claim. It is sad that they are so closed minded to what NATURE teaches. Just watch any nature program with wolves. Does the pack leader take food and chew it up into little pieces and feed it to the other dogs teaching them how he wants them to behave? NO! ORRRRRRRR, does the pack leader bite the subordinates to teach them? YES! I guess we better go teach the wolves there are better "scientifically proven methods" that know MORE than they do! Isn't that just silly? And NO, I will not bite your dog! That is just, well, STUPID! ========== When you teach the dog what the boundaries are, they will feel secure, safe. When you give the dog (or child) SECURITY, because they know their boundaries, and what's safe and what's not safe, you will have a BALANCED dog. Your dog will be instructed on what proper manners are, and how to behave not only in your house, but also around the neighborhood as you take your dog for walks. ========== Your dog will NOT be allowed to run through the house knocking things over, jumping on furniture, no rough house playing, no chewing on the furniture, shoes, cloths, etc. Your dog will learn the house is not a playground or toilet! That's what outside is for. There are some games that they can play in the house and some are just for outside. Your dog will learn to respect YOUR Castle! ========== Your dog will be put on a feeding and bathroom routine as well as an obedience routine. Your dog will be learning to walk on a leash without pulling, jerking, or biting the leash. They'll learn how to greet and behave around other dogs and people. Of course they'll learn the obvious: come, down, sit, and stay. It's not all work and no play. Dogs need down times just like people. So they will be playing. But more importantly, your dog will learning how to play correctly! And your dog will have fun!

========== Will your dog be perfect at the end of the two weeks? OF COURSE NOT! Do not let ANYONE fool you into believing your dog will be a perfectly well behaved dog in just a few weeks. That is just a gimmick. Just how much do you think you could learn, and most importantly, retain in just 2 weeks? The education your dog receives during my course will build a STRONG foundation so you can continue to build and invest in your dogs life. This makes it EASY for YOU to continue with your dogs training. ========== Many "trainers" main motivation for training a dog is food. 95% of the dogs will do anything for food. ANYONE can do food training! There is a proper time and situation for food training. But that doesn't teach your dog to respect. I've worked with many abused dogs, and usually food is the best way for these dogs. Food is just another "tool" in the dogs tool box. I use the CORRECT tool for the job! Do you PAY your children to clean their rooms, pick up their cloths, wash the dishes? Of course not, or you shouldn't. It should be part of their responsibility as part of the family. And this is what I teach your dog. You should reward your dog, and child for being responsible because it encourages them to continue that behavior. Plus, it will make them feel good about themselves! Because I teach a "method" or "Pattern" of learning, your dog will easily recognize this method, making it much easier and quicker for your dog to learn AND maintain what they've learned. But as a bonus, they will also be able to learn more if you train using my method. You MUST continue the training so your dog can continue improving. Continued training KEEPS your dog sharp! But because of going through my course, it will be easy for you to continue educating your dog. And you'll have fun too! Isn't it true that if we stop doing something we'll become rusty at it? Fortunately, we will quickly regain our skill if we start practicing again. And we'll regain it much quicker. They same will be true for your dog. ========== When I return your dog, he, or she, may think: "I'm home! I can go back to what I was doing." You certainly do not want that to happen! That's why I will be spend a few hours with you, instructing you about what your dog has learned. I will be "Training YOU to Train Your Dog"! ©

I also educate your dog so that they will NOT be reverting back to their old "Way of Life"! I will be teaching you how to "Handle" your dog so you will be able to continue the education your dog has received. This way your dog will continue to be a productive member of your family! ========== Please call me and I will be happy to go into more detail about how I can help you and your dog!

Phone Me at: 772-388-DOGS(3647)

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